Coral Ca+TM

Bone Inflammation Blocker and Builder

Calcium and other minerals are essential for good bone health. Coral Ca+ maintains the symphony of life.

Key ingredients

Naturally ionised & maximally absorbed Okinawa calcium, which has a unique ratio blend of Tri-ecosys O+ Cissus quadrangularis 500mg, Coral Calcium 400mg, Vitamin K2-7

Features and benefits for better bone health

  • Fastest disintegration within 40 sec

  • Provides full spectrum of 72 trace minerals

  • Quickest interaction with gastric acids.

  • Maintains natural mineral balanceof the body

  • Complete ionisation within 15 min of ingestion

  • Changes body pH to alkaline

  • Faster & higher absorption of calcium

  • Improves resistance to infections

  • Smallest particle size 2 microns

  • Small size tablet

  • Maximum bioavailability of calcium

  • Easy to swallow

How does it work?

Coral Ca+ comes in a naturally pre-digested form, obtained from the coral polyps. Hence, it is naturally organic & ionised. For effective utilisation of Calcium, it is dependent on minimum eight trace minerals. All these minerals present in Coral Ca+ are interdependent on each other for their normal functioning and also work in synchronisation with each other to improve the utilisation of all minerals by the body. With Cicuss Quadrangularis and Vit K2-7, it forms Tri-ecosys to optimize Calcium uptake in bone.

Recommended dosage

One capsule immediately after dinner

Safety warnings

Not to be consumed during pregnancy or lactation

Why choose Coral Ca+?

  • Okinawa Calcium is closest to the human bone structure
  • Coral Ca+ provides naturally ionised calcium for maximum absorption required for better bone health
  • Coral Ca+ contains Tri-ecosys O+ which combines in a unique ratio blend of Okinawa calcium, Cissus Quadrangularis helps to target bone inflammation reduction and then using catalyst Vit K2-7 to lodge the calcium into bone and trigger bone mineralisation. This is a unique formula in India at clinical dose.

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