Cellular Radiance Generator

Perfect skin, contains natural lipids that act as a protective barrier against foreign bodies to enter the skin cell and allow cell development and binding. Thereby, retains moisture and keeps skin smooth, hydrated and firm.

However, inadequate diet and exposure to several physical and environmental stress can lead to oxidation or loss of these essential fatty acids and natural lipids, resulting to premature ageing. This aging process is generally accelerated during 25 to 35 years of age. SCo2 O7 delays this aging process of the skin by replenishing the lipids.

Key ingredients

ESFA 7: Essential Septatoic Fatty Acids 7

Features and benefits for better bone health

  • Reduces sagging

  • Ensures young and radiant skin

  • Restores healthy complexion

  • Increases production of collagen-rich skin cells

  • Prevents oxidative stress from free radicals

  • Healthy glowing and tighter skin

  • Increases resistance to wrinkles

How does it work?

SCo2 O7 contains super critical ESFA 7 which:

  • Restores the natural lipid layer of the skin for supple skin
  • Binds your cells together for toned skin
  • High potent moisturisers for hydrated skin
  • Promotes regeneration of tissues for baby like skin

Recommended dosage

One capsule immediately after dinner

Safety warnings

Not to be consumed during pregnancy or lactation

Explore the Science Behind

Why choose SCo2 O7?

  • SCo2 O7 replenish the lipids with ESFA 7 which has seven EFA - ALA, DHA, CVA, OA, AA, LA, PA in specific ratio to achieve great skin

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