Quad Prebiot+TM

Food for Probiotics

Our gut is a big factory that produces over 7000 chemicals, essential for our body functions. Unhealthy food and bad eating habits ca use imbalance in these chemicals, giving rise to in ROS free radicals. These free radicals further damages gut bacteria and can damage the body cells. Hence, a nutrition product that feeds only good bacteria (probiotics) is essential to prevent this damage.

Key ingredients

4 unique prebiotic polysaccharide (A,B,C,D) fibres in a unique ratio Wheat Dextrin, FOS, Inulin,Guargum

Features and benefits for better bone health

  • Best probiotic food for good bacteria

  • Swells up to achieve satiety

  • Reduces cholesterol

  • Realeases essential fatty acids

  • Prevents absorption of fat and sugar

  • Feels lighter and energetic

How does it work?

Quad Prebiot+ contains 4 unique prebiotic Polysaccharide (A,B,C,D) fibres that helps to:

  • Feed the good bacteria
  • Cleans the gut from toxic chemicals
  • Stop toxic chemicals from entering the blood from gut
  • Reduce absorption of fat and sugar in blood
  • Manage weight

Recommended dosage

One capsule immediately after dinner

Safety warnings

Not to be consumed during pregnancy or lactation

Explore the Science Behind

Why choose Coral Ca+?

  • Quad Prebiot+ is a blend of 4 unique prebiotic polysaccharide fibres with proprietary ratio that helps to feed the good bacteria and thereby, prevents unwanted health consequences.

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