Nutrition is often taken for granted. That's because we have a sense of "knowing it all". Nutrition is the second thing we deal with right after birth, "crying" being first, through mother's milk.

We get hungry, we eat. Eating is daily cycle and hence boring. How do we make it exciting? Senses! More taste = Senses Gratification = More Fun.

Soon this 'more fun' loses the objective of eating food (balanced nutrition for our body), and focuses on satisfying a mere 3.3 inch of our body - the tongue. In pursuit of gratifying this 3.3 inch, we end up loading disproportionate amounts of organic and inorganic chemicals. Our body does not understand what to do with this.

Our body has about 7000 reactions happening at any given period of time and there are about 3000 enzymes working at any given time to catalyze reactions. Now these reactions have to cope with the unexpected overload of new chemicals or common chemicals needed by these reactions. This alien treatment to these reactions triggers an overwhelming chain of reactions known as Reactive Oxidative Stress (ROS). These ROS are the genesis for any metabolic disease that may come up over a period of time, including cancer.

People believe that anti-oxidants are a solution to this as these chemicals try to stop these oxidative stress reactions. A question to be considered here is that if the source of ROS is getting continuous rich fuel (in pursuit of gratifying our tongue) then how do few capsules of antioxidants stop ROS? Aren't we fooling ourselves?

The correct answer to beating this situation is right nutrition. Food primarily is a complex chemical cocktail needed to run our body. This is the sole objective.

However, in reality, the power of the tongue overtakes any effort to rectify this behavior and hence we have booming lifestyle diseases management industry.

What can we do as a healthcare company?

We can take a step back from going into 2nd generation, 3rd generation and nth generation drug step ups to manage the health condition and actually put the person on specific a nutrition cocktail that compliments medication or controlled lifestyle and eases the health conditions leading to maintaining low doses of medicines. Taking an extra step in setting expectation and emphasize on "how much" and "how long" will only add to further to the progress. How does that sound?

Welcome to Responsible Nutrition!

Responsible Nutrition at Health n' Us is about bringing science rationally to practical context of the region we are dealing in by setting expectation, usage and monitoring to avoid abuse of Nutraceutical products. To enforce this practice we work with the best of the scientist research global labs, academia to develop products and train our responsible relation connects through nutrition authorities to convey consistent and responsible messaging to people wanting to live a healthy life. Designing Responsible Nutrition at Health n' Us takes into account:

  • Understanding of metabolic pathways
  • Lifestyle hurdles and its impacts on health
  • Health vulnerable person's aspirations and expectations
  • Expectation setting messages
  • Continuous training through nutrition authorities in India and abroad

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